Man faces jail after gluing his beard to someone else’s head to create a toupée

A man is facing jail time after he cut off his own hair and beard and tried to glue it to another man’s head in an apparent attempt to create a toupée. The man, who is in his 40s, has already been convicted seven times and fined 13 times, mainly for ‘nuisance’ crimes in Hordaland county, Norway, said prosecutor Harald Bilberg. But Mr. Bilberg said that on this occasion, the man claimed the recipient of the beard toupée had consented to the transplant. The man is also being tried for a series of petty crimes including burglary and theft. He was arrested again on Friday after breaking the restraining order imposed on him to protect the recipient of the beard toupée.


Top 10 Instantly Regrettable Tattoos

Well we have a list of 10 people who probably thought the same before they got their ink. We are pretty sure they now regret getting the tattoo done in the first place. Then again, we are sure you’ll still get that tattoo anyway. Just make sure you let us know for a future tattoo fail top ten list. Introducing top ten of the worst instantly regrettable tattoos we have come across.


Top 10 of the Best Penises Drawn on Newspapers

A few guys get together and are bored, so the next thing you know the newspaper comes out and you all take turns drawing d#cks. Yeah, it’s considered a little immature, and even slightly gay, but it’s defiantly hilarious. It’s the new craze so you best get used to it and it’s the best thing we have ever seen. In fact it’s that good that we feel we have discovered a new pastime for ourselves. Remember: Stroke the shaft, cup the balls. We can remember the whole cinema creasing their ass of when that scene was on. Primitive drawing, yes, but it proves that we all have the ability deep within to be creative with this new art form – just look at the well placed finger.


Top 10 Ways To Re-Use Your Sex Toys Around The House

Sex toys, we’re guessing everyone knows what they are. For those who don’t, here’s a brief description: toys you use when having sex or intercourse. We’re unsure how to explain this so we’ll just go with: Here’s top 10 ways people have re-use sex toys around the home. Just thank an Imgur user for the images – minus the ideas hopefully. We are sure this is now going to open the flood gates to TV programmes such as “Totally Unexpected Uses For Sex Toys” and a “House Sex Toys: Using Them Around The Home”. Just as long as we don’t go to our Grans and she has a butt plug where her orange juicer used to be.


Top 10 Terrible Yet Hilarious Nipple Tattoos

Guys, no matter how cool or original you think it’s going to be, please never get your nipples tattooed. The chances are if the thought’s in your head, you’re probably intoxicated. It’s probably best to sober up and you’ll come to realise how dumb you were – anyway it’s going to hurt like hell. Then again, as terrible of an idea nipple tattoos are, they are quite hilarious to look at as you cringe. Introducing our top ten of the worst yet slightly amusing nipple tattoos ever. Well we totally understand now why some parents disown their kids.


Girl Who Tweeted ‘2 Drunk 2 Care’ Before Killing Two In Crash Sentenced To 24 Years

A girl who tweeted ‘2 drunk 2 care’ before killing two best friends in a wrong-way car crash has been sentenced to 24 years in prison. Kayla Mendoza, 22, boasted on social media about being drunk before she killed Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio in a South Florida road accident back in November 2012. Mendoza pleaded guilty in February to two DUI manslaughter charges, and prior to sentencing she tearfully read a letter to the families of Kaitlyn and Marisa. Mendoza, who had been out drinking with co-workers prior to the crash, was two times over the legal driving limit in Florida.


Clever Street Artist Draws Anatomically Correct Body Part to Get Rid of Potholes

By drawing a gigantic penis around it, of course. Some potholes that sat unfilled for nearly a year are being fixed in a jiffy, according to the artist. Other admirers are sharing stories of the damage done to their vehicles by potholes Wanksy has targeted. According to 2014 data from the AAA, the damage potholes do to vehicles costs Americans about $6.4 billion per year. In car-dependent Southern California, potholes have even become a major campaign issue for politicians seeking elected office. During Los Angeles’ hotly contested 2013 mayoral race, candidate Wendy Greuel went out on the streets to fill 47 potholes.